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Florida Water Blasting

Thats 40,000 PSI at work removing material buildup inside a water treatment facility clarifier tank.

We are pleased to be an industry leader and provider in the State of Florida for all of your high pressure (40,000 psi) cleaning and surface preparation needs. Florida Waterblasting, LLC is led by an individual with over 17 years of experience in the water blasting industry. We will gladly provide the services for all of your Industrial Cleaning, Surface Preparation and Coatings Removal needs, utilizing a Terminator (floor scraper) and Vacuum Recovery, as necessary.

Here is just some of the professional equipment we use to get the job done right:

T-2100 Terminator Floor Scraper
Used for: Removal of old floor tiles, glues, adhesives, rubber.

Planetary Floor Grinder
Spin Jet with Vacuum Recovery
Used for: Removal of unwanted surfaces, old sealants and coatings, old paint, epoxy finishes, finishes on concrete pavers, adhesives from tile and carpet.

Florida Water Blasting 40,000 psi pump
40,000 PSI Jetstream Water Pump

Florida Waterblasting Vacuum Recovery
850 Gallon Vacuum Recovery Unit
For quick removal of all debries and ensures your jobsite stays neat and safe.




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